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From laptop screen repairs to upgrading internal hardware, we can take care of it all in no time.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Our laptop screen repairs are guaranteed. We are often able to replace a cracked or broken screen on the same day.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sticky or missing keys? Our laptop keyboard replacement service is the answer. It’s quick and convenient.

Virus Removal

Confused and frustrated with viruses? We’re experienced in removing all types of viruses without destroying your data.

Memory Upgrade

Does your PC take too long to boot? It might be time to have your memory (RAM) upgraded or replaced.

System Optimisation

We’ll fix operating system issues, including boot errors and blue screens. Your system will work like it did on the day you bought it!

Laptop Power Problems

We sell compatible replacement laptop batteries for most laptops. Each laptop battery is backed with a full 1-year warranty.

Hardware Updates

Hardware upgrade can improve speed and keep you on the cutting edge of computer technology without purchasing a new laptop.

Water Damage Repair

Is your laptop acting strangely after exposure to liquid? If so, our laptop repair water damage repair diagnostic is what you need!

[vc_headings style=”theme2″ linewidth=”30px” borderclr=”#000000″ title=”WHY CHOOSE US” titleclr=”#ffffff”]Why have your laptop fixed at Front Tech?[/vc_headings]

We offer same-day repairs on selected problems, so you can get your laptop as soon as possible


We don’t charge until you are 100% happy. If we can’t fix the problem or offer you a solution there’s nothing to pay!


Laptop repairs are carried out by highly-trained experts who have undergone rigorous training and background checks


Because we only use the quality parts and people, we give a no-fuss 1-year warranty on every repair we do

Laptop Repairs

What services can you expect from our skilled team?

With the extensive experience in the industry, our technicians are skilled in fixing and repairs of all makes of laptops and computers. It allows us to give effective solutions for both the software and hardware related issues. With our technical know how we are capable of resolving issues whether it is for getting rid of a virus or assistance required the installation of a new hard drive.

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